Product FAQ


How big is it?
As big as you tell the ladies, REAL BIG! All these beautiful babes are in their exact dimensions! Look at their bodies why change what god made perfect right? That’s why these are the sexiest real life-size wall graphics money can buy. As if she is there in the flesh everyday in your room. TheBlownUp Wall Graphics are breathtaking and immediately command attention on any wall. A typical BlownUp Model ranges from 5ft-6ft tall.

What is it made of? ​
Each BlownUp is printed on high quality, durable self-adhesive vinyl and is fade-resistant. TheBlownUp wall decals are made to last, please be sure to treat your with lots of love.

Where’s TheBlownUp Model of my dreams? ​
If you’re like me, you know good things come to those that work. That is what we’re doing, we’re working on getting the sexiest girls. Our roster keeps growing with the highest quality of talented models on a daily basis. Be sure to like our Facebook page and we will keep you up to date on all the new products launching.


How do I track my order? ​
Really you’ve never ordered your books online?… To track your order visit and type in your tracking number.

How long will it take to receive my order? ​
I know you’re excited but chill-out bro. Your BlownUp will arrive in 5–7 business days, faster if you choose next day or second day air shipping. We ship when we can. M-F 8am-midnight other than that we’re passed out just like you. Allow 2 full business days for us to process your order. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are not business days. If you order on Friday after the deadline and Monday is a holiday, then your order won’t get processed until Tuesday.

Does TheBlownUp ship to P.O. Boxes? ​
Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to P.O. Boxes at this time. We recommend having your items shipped to a work address instead if that is possible or your parents house.


Does TheBlownUp ship internationally? ​
Yes. TheBlownUp ships to over ninety countries worldwide. Please note that orders cannot be shipped to the United States from an international billing address.


Are there any rules I should know about Specials? ​
Read the fine print! (disclaimer) when you find a great deal for any and all Special Offers, consider the following rules as if your pledge master himself uttered them from his own divine lips:
​1. Offers may not be combined with any other offers.
2. Offers do not apply to previously ordered items.
3. When the offer applies to multiple items, partial returns will not be accepted.
4. All returns are subject to the terms of our Money Back Guarantee.

What do I need to do to cancel my order? ​
If your mom or girlfriend gave you enough sh*t for you to re-think this purchase and cancel… you have two hours after you place your order to do so… without any repercussions or fees (granted circumstances). To cancel your order you must contact TheBlownUp customer service at and await further instruction.

What’s your Return Policy? ​
At we’re committed to your satisfaction (non-sexually) and to the quality of our products and service. We will gladly exchange product in original packaging. No returns.