Installation Guide

Step 1: GET SET

Pick a spot. BlowUp Wall Graphics adhere well to smooth, indoor surfaces. Recommended and NOT recommended surfaces are listed below. So obviously you want to choose a RECOMMENDED surface (DUH).

Smooth Walls
Painted Drywall
Sanded Wood (without lacquer)
Inside, temperature controlled environments

Make sure to measure the area correctly. You don’t want find out half way from installing the most exciting Wall Model on the internet and realize you don’t have enough room! The dimensions are listed on the site for each model for your convenience, bro. Also make sure you let your Wall Model chill, Unwind and relax for a bit after you let her out of the package. Lay flat for an hour prior to application. (We’re talking about the BlownUp, not you). If you’d been rolled up and stuck in a box you’d ask for a break too.

Step NEXT (Obviously it’s 2): GET CLEAN

Just as you need a clean girl, TheBlownUp needs a clean wall. Use a warm damp cloth to wipe down the surface and let it dry completely before installing. DO NOT use soap or cleaning agents. They can make your BlownUp stick poorly, which means it could fall down, and that’s just wrong.

Step 3: GET HELP

No need to call all your entire pledge class bro, but the next step does require a second set of hands. Whether it’s the hottie next door or your homie down, this is important. Here’s why: you’ll begin to peel TheBlownUp wall model off the sheet, when suddenly you will realize it really is life-size big… and it’s sticky. From that point you may panic as it sticks to itself an fear your Wall model may never be the same. DON’T LET THIS BE YOU! CALL YOUR BUD!

Step 4: STICK IT

After your bro shows up ready to help you, start peeling the wall model carefully from top to bottom. Place one corner or top side of the model on the wall and slowly smooth the rest into place using an appropriate amount of pressure. If you make a mistake, gently peel the BlownUp off the wall and reposition it. Take your time and you will have no worries.


You can surprise your girlfriend or your mom with your newly renovated walls in your dorm, frat-palace or man cave. Whatever you choose to do with yourBlownUp wall model, you have to show her off! Invite your family and friends over for the big reveal and take a few pictures. Then connect with us and other fans on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram for a chance to win contest prizes and one up all the bros in America!

NOT Recommended Surfaces:

Freshly painted walls. Wait 30 days after painting before you put up your graphic.
Textured Walls
Unpainted drywall
Cinder Block
Porous, textured paneling
Outside, non-temperature controlled environments